SAMMLER has been active in the Solar Energy market since 1975. Responding to the energy crisis of the time, Mr. V. Michalopoulos established a manufacturing facility to meet the increasing demand for alternative energy solutions which are reliable, low-cost and environmentally friendly. Today, as we walk the third millennium, conversion to such energy sources has become a vital necessity.

“Preservation of our planet's well being is a responsibility that we all share.”

We at SAMMLER deeply understand the importance of this statement and embrace it as the backbone of our philosophy.

 Management and members of our staff take great care to reflect this line of thought in every step of the manufacturing process, this way giving you a product that not only respects our environment, but respect you as well.

As manufacturers of solar systems for over 40 years, we pioneered with a number of technical innovations and achievements, which subsequently have been adapted by the rest of the market as standard (and quite rightly so). Among these are:

 Connecting a heat exchanger inside the boiler so as to power it from the central heating source (Patent L. No 72674).

  • Using a magnesium anode to protect the interior of the boiler.
  • Applying a glass enamel coat over surface of the interior tank of the heater to prevent rust formation.


Our technological advancements and innovation are always aimed to improve both the product quality and productivity to meet efficiently and effectively increasing market demands. Our acquired technical knowledge and expertise in alternative energy sources in this rapidly developing field guarantees fine workmanship, durability and efficiency of all our product lines.


Quality is considered the key point of our success; SAMMLER has established and is maintaining a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of EN ISO9001. The System was established first in 1998 and SAMMLER was one of the first companies in the solar sector which achieved to be certified under the strictly regulations of the particular standard. The chosen certification body is TUV, which is one of the most reputable organizations worldwide.

An important factor of the offered quality of our products is our skilled, trained and well educated personnel. Each department of the production chain, management are trained periodically in order to achieve the target: maximum satisfaction of the end user – environmental sustainability.


Also very critical for the production of quality products, is the production process. The used raw materials are from selected suppliers, mainly from Europe which are offering the best quality. Strong relationships are built with our suppliers for many years. The production equipment and machines are renewed every 2-3 years in order to follow the technological improvements.


In SAMMLER we are ensuring the top quality and efficiency of our products. The proof of the mentioned quality and efficiency are the test reports and certifications that we have been awarded for our products. All products such as thermosyphon systems and collectors have been tested for the quality and efficiency in the most reputable laboratories world wide as ITW (Stuttgart – Germany), SPF (Rappesvile – Switzerland), CENER (Spain), INTA (Spain), SRCC (USA), SABS (South Africa), DCL (Dubai – UAE), SII (Israel) and Demokritos (Greece). Also our products have been certified for the Quality and Efficiency from certification bodies as DIN Certco, SABS and SRCC. We are considered as one of the companies, worldwide, that all our products are tested and certified from independent reputable body.