More than 40 years...


1975:   The Company was established in Athens – Greece. The first production site was located in Acharnes area, and was placed in a 200 sq. m area. The first thermosyphon system is produced.



1978:  Initially the brand name of the company was SUMMER and in 1978 the name was replaced with the final name of SAMMLER (which means “collector” in the German language).


1981:   The factory moved to a bigger production site in order to meet the needs of higher production. The production site was 1000 sq.m.


1982:   Connection of a heat exchanger inside the boiler so as to power it from the central heating source (Patent L. No 72674). This patent was adapted from most of the solar manufacturers and is still applied in our days.


1983:   The factory expanded in 1500 sq.m, which allowed the company to further develop new products and technologies.


1984:   The S series thermosyphon was presented. It was one of the first systems in Greece with horizontal tank and compact design. Beside this, it is the first thermosyphon system with two Mg anodes for absolute protection of the tank against corrosion. This innovation is used until now.


1986:   In 1986 the company changed the legal form and name to SAMMLER B.Michalopoulos sa. From that point the things have changed very fast.


1986:   A new production line with central heating systems was developed.


1986:   The Company became member of the Greek Solar Industry Federation (EBHE)



1987:   The factory was expanded again and reached 2300 sq.m.


1988:   The application of the enamel protection in our thermosyphon tanks started, one of the first in Europe.


1990:   The Company has presence in whole Greece with exclusive partnerships in the most important cities of the country. At the same year we started participating in public projects concerning the installation of solar and central heating systems.


1992:   The thermosyphon system SONNENKRAFT became a reality. All the latest technology has been applied as two layers of enamel, a special two component absorber for the collector and several other innovations.




1997:   The company co – operated with the University of Patras in developing a new type of solar system – the “Mini-Selective”. This system was the ideal solution for hotels and traditional architectural areas.




1998:   Quality Management System has been established


2000:   The exports of the company started. This has changed the route of the company, modifying it to strictly OEM producer. The most important producers and companies in Europe and Africa were included in our customers list.


2001:   The new thermosyphon system H series, was launched, it was available in the Greek market for approximately 5 years.



2003: The logo of SAMMLER was modified to the current one.




2004: The ARIS series collector has become a reality. The collector has been designed in order to meet the needs of the European market. The first model of the series was the ARIS2001. The collector was first sold in Spain and at the same year was tested in the Spanish laboratory INTA and homologated successfully.




2005:   SAMMLER developed the laser technology in welding the absorbers. We became one of the first companies in Europe which is using the latest technology in the welding process.


2005:   The enamel protection of the internal part of the tank was certified from the German Enamel Federation with the “EMAIL” certification.



2006:   New models of ARIS series were presented. The models ARIS2004, ARIS2504 and ARIS2004H were designed for the Central European markets. The laser welding technology is applied to the whole production.




2007:   The Company moved to the new production site in Aspropyrgos Industrial Zone of Athens where it is located up to date. The factory is equipped with the latest technology machinery and is ready to face the advanced needs of the most demanded markets.


2007:   The new thermosyphon system, A series, was presented to our customers worldwide. The particular model, during the year, became the favourite choice of the most important customers.



2008:   All our production range of thermosyphon systems and solar collectors have been certified with the European certification, Solar Keymark. The certification body was the German organization DIN CERTCO on of the most reputable worldwide.



2008:   The Company joined the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF). ESTIF is the consulting organization of the European Union regarding the solar thermal issues.



2009:   The solar collectors have been certified in US with the certification OG100 from SRCC.



2009:   The exports in US have started.


2010:   The development of the collector series ALTER is completed. The collector is an additional model in order to cover the needs of the market of a meander type of absorber. The collector is tested in SPF and certified by the SOLAR KEYMARK by DIN CERTCO.




2010:   The Company has been certified by ICAP, the official certification body in Greece about the financial status of the companies, as one of the Strongest Companies in Greece. The certification reflects the financial condition of SAMMLER, as one of the healthiest and growing companies in Greece. It must be mentioned that SAMMLER was the only certified company in the solar sector in Greece!



2014: This year started the export activity in Golf countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. At the same time all our products tested successfully and certified by Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL approval)



2016: The Company has started its exports activity in Israel, and our products are the first imported product in the market. Our products have been tested and approved by the Standard Institution of Israel (SII)



Today: Due to the continuous increase of the demand in solar thermal products, we have completed the investment program in order to make a second production plant, which will be one of the most advanced in Europe. In the new site the needs of energy will be covered at a percentage of 80% from renewable energy sources as PV, geothermal and solar thermal.