Tank Department

The tank department is split in 2 parts.


Internal metal construction:

On this department are constructed the internal part of the tanks.For this purpose are used high tec equipement such as hydraylic scissor to cut the metal coils on the desired steel plate dimensions, punching equipment to open the necessary holes, hydraulic CNC 2 roles plate bending machine and many welding stations.

On this process there is also points on which is realized the Quality Control of the produced tanks. On the first one, is controled that there is no leakage on the tank, applying hydraulic pressure of 15 bar to all tanks. On the second one, is controled the possible leakage on the tank's heat exchanger, using a mixture of Hydrogen and Nitrogen. Both Quality Controls are applyied 100% to all produced tanks.


Final tank assembly:

On this department is finalized the construction of the tank. The enameled tanks are checked for the quality of the enamel applied and prepared for the injection of the PU insulation. As the injection of the PU foam is a delicated process, the whole area is isolated and is controlled the temperature and the humidity of the production area. Also is used a high tech PU injection machine with real time quality control of the injected product.

The products are remaining on hydraulic presses for 10min in order to complete the curing of the PU foam and reach the maximum density.

After the tanks are perfectly cleaned and is removed any industrial dirt so our customer to get the best product!


The daily production for both departments is at 100 tanks.