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The facilities of the company SAMMLER B. Michalopoulos sa are located in the Aspropyrgos Industrial Zone in the area of Athens. In the facilities, beside the production plant are also located the management and financial departments.

The production plant include:

  • Production department of the semi-finalized thermosyphon tanks.

The production department of the semi-finalized thermosyphon tanks is in position to cover the needs of our local and international customers. Within the plant:

  1. Contemporary metal processing machinery.
  2. A series of welding machines.
  3. Quality control equipment, using high tech electronic devices.

The productivity of the specific department is 100 tanks/shift/day. This department is operating in 3 shifts in order to cover the increased needs of our exports.

  • Production department of the thermosyphon tanks

The production line of the final assembly of the thermosyphon tanks covers the needs of our OEM customers and the needs of our company for the products which are sold under the brand name SAMMLER. Within the plant:

  1. Metal processing machinery for the production of the external covers of the tanks.
  2. Automatic transfer and preperation line of the tanks to a special designed chamber where is realized the PU injection. In this chamber the temperature and humidity is controled.
  3. Robotic system for the PU injection.
  4. Transfer and handling system of the end product to the final control and packaging area.

The productivity of the spesific department is 90 tanks/shift/day. This department is operating in 2 shifts/day.

  • Production department of collectors.

The production department of colectors includes 2 production lines, which have to cover the needs of both collectors series ARIS and ALTER (in total 7 models). Within the area:

  1. Automatic 2-disc aluminum cutting machine.
  2. Drilling and compression presses for extruded aluminum materials.
  3. Two collectors assembly lines.
  4. Station for the final inspection of the product and Quality Control.
  5. Packaging area

The pductivity of the spesific department exceeds the 160 collectors/shift/day. For the production of the ARIS serie are required 3 shifts/day and of the ALTER serie are required 2. 

  • Production department of mounting sets.

The production department of mounting sets is involved to the production of mounting sets for thermosyphon applications and for individual collectors for forced circulation systems. The produced mounting sets are made for SAMMLER products but also for our OEM customers under their own designs. For this reason the department is equiped with high end metal processing machinery.

  • Quality control and Packaging department

The Quality control and Packaging department has under its own responsibility the final packaging and Quality Control of the products. It makes sure the safe transport of our products everywhere arround the globe!


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